Thanking God for His grace and mercy

O God, I am reminded that the first thing we read in the Bible is " In the beginning God." God, who carefully and thoughtfully created everything. Then, created us, in His own image, something of God in us! So we are a part of you and you of us! You were happy with your creation.
Father God, we are reminded in your Word that '" you can do more than we could ever imagine, or guess, or request in our wildest dreams." Thank you that you don't do that by pushing us around, but by working within us, through the Holy Spirt, deeply and gently, all day and every day. That is so mind blowing!
Thank you that we can have a relationship with the Living God!
Thank you that a life with Jesus is more amazing than we can imagine, that it's not just rules and regulations but an exciting adventure. And yet, Lord, knowing this we still struggle with life, we let fear, anxiety, guilt, irritation, frustration, etc. take us over, and we end up weak and overwhelmed, sometimes dissatisfied. We end up with emotional and behavioural problems, wanting help to sort our lives out. We want our needs met, to be secure, to have some value and some purpose in life. Why do we do this when you offer it all to us!
Why, because we want to be in charge of our own lives, to do it our way.
Thank you that when we make the mistakes, and discover we haven't got all the power and wisdom needed, you are still there, ready to take our hand and lead us back onto the right path. You forgive our disobedience and arrogance in the search to find ourselves.
 O God, we all long to be needed, to belong, keep us in the safety of your love and care. In your love that is unconditional and knows no bounds.
Thank you for your grace and mercy. Amen




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