Zoom Bible Study for 6th July 2021



Please read Leviticus chapter 7:11-36

  1. What has to happen/what is the first step before you can give thanks? Ephesians 2:8-10

(What attitudes stop us from being grateful) e.g., Genesis 11:1-4. Numbers 11:1-6 and



  1. Is a sense of gratitude a natural part of our being or do we need to learn to be grateful?

If we need to learn, how can we be taught? 1Chronicles 16:1-39 (David’s Psalm of thanks)


  1. What happens when gratitude is missing? How do we respond, how does it make you feel when what you do doesn’t seem to be appreciated? How important is it to actually thank people?


  1. How do you think God feels about our lack of gratitude? Does He respond in the same way as we do? Numbers 14:17-23. Luke 18:9-14

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