Zoo0m Bible Study For 14th September

  • What was the city of Corinth like? Irene has done a lot of work recently into the background of Corinth, so we could draw upon her learning?  
  • Read Acts 18: 1-18. Paul’s mission to Corinth was not a “one-man-band”. Who did he share mission/ministry with? How was Paul helped and encouraged?


Paul’s purpose, then, in writing this Epistle, is principally to set right disorders which the Corinthians took lightly, but which he regarded as grave sins. Secondly, he wrote to answer some questions put to him. Thirdly, he wrote to give some doctrinal teaching, particularly on the resurrection.” (Morris, from Precept Austin Resources {online})


  • What are the disorders (problems) within the Church at Corinth that the apostle Paul set about addressing? If you have a Study Bible, look at the Outline to determine their number and the type of problems. (Do we have like problems?)
  • What can we learn from Paul about how to write and (particularly) how to begin “difficult” letters? (1 Corinthians 1: 1-9)
  • We hear the word, “fellowship” a lot. What does it mean that “you were called into the fellowship of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord?” (verse 9)


If Paul were to write a letter to the evangelical, Bible-believing churches of (today)…., I believe it would be much like I Corinthians. Their world was like our world: the same thirst for intellectualism, the same permissiveness toward moral standards, the same fascination for the spectacular.


And their church was like our churches: proud, affluent, materialistic, fiercely eager for intellectual and social acceptance by the world, doctrinally orthodox but morally and practically conforming to the world.” (James Boyer, as above)


  • Do you agree that the world we live in is anything like Corinth in the time of Paul? What are the implications for Sion Baptist Church? Is our church like the Church in Corinth?

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