Zoom Bible Study for 13th July 2021

Bible Study July 13th Continuing our worshipping community series


 John Chapter 4: 1-42 the encounter at the well between Jesus and the Samaritan woman:


  1. What contrasts can you find between Nicodemus (read John 3) and the woman of Samaria? What might these tell us about Jesus?


  1. Why was it so surprising that Jesus should talk to this woman? (You may wish to look at the history between the Jews and Samaritans to answer this.) Are there any prejudices which govern the sort of people with whom you share your faith?


  1. What do you think underlies Jesus' request that she should fetch her husband and why is this important? 


  1. If Jesus is the best example of how we can share our faith, then what does this encounter teach us? (You might want to think about worship issues here...different forms and places).


  1. When Jesus speaks to his disciples, what does he say about the reality of his and their mission?  


  1. What is so significant about the fact that the Samaritans call Jesus the "Saviour of the World"? 


  1. What does this chapter teach us about worship and hindrances to worship? Do these apply to us? 




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