About Us

Sion Baptist church has, in some form or other, been part of the local community in Higher Cloughfold for more than three centuries. As Christians who are Baptists we are a community of very ordinary people from a variety of walks of life whom God has called to live and worship together simply and openly. Our congregation has always been a gathering of those who have turned to God in Jesus Christ, who have confessed this faith in believer’s baptism, and joyfully devoted their lives as a priority to learning, sharing in fellowship, breaking bread together and prayer.

Our church is a safe place for all to come, for any and all who are seeking to know God on their own particular journeys through life. Our church – which means its people - is a welcoming, inclusive and accepting environment where friendships are made and sustained and where helping and supporting one another is always a priority.

You don’t have to be perfect to come to church, for no-one who comes to Sion (or any other church for that matter) is a perfect person. Every one of us is, in some way, a broken person in need of God’s continued healing love. This is what we are learning as we make our way through our sometimes difficult lives. We walk together in the company of God and his people. We are simply trying - in the grace that we believe God gives us - to be disciples and, in the words of our mission statement, “To follow Jesus and Share His Love”.

We at Sion are not here for ourselves. We exist to love and serve God and the people in the place where he has set us. We are not content, or called at Sion to stay just as we are. We are currently smaller in number than we would like to be. It is our greatest desire that other people in our locality will want to join us and journey with us, to grow in their own way with us and enjoy a taste of the abundant life that Jesus promises to those who live their lives trusting him.



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